Practical course of V.M.Bronnikov «Awakening and development of female sexuality»


Duration: 8 hours during 2 days. First day: 2 hours + 2 hours = 4 hours. Second day: 2 hours + 2 hours = 4 hours
For whom it is intended:
For participants who have the initial skill of phantom feelings.
Recommended conditions for classes:
1. You must have a clean body (shower before the course).
2. Comfortable clothing. Exercises will be carried out while:

  • Standing.
  • Sitting.
  • Lying on the back.

3. Those who have mastered the inner vision can work in the mask.

This practical course is designed for remote learning.

The author will show you how your body can be contacted and awakened remotely. First working with the hand, with the general body, etc.

There is an ancient saying: “Where the thought goes, there goes the energy, where the energy goes, there goes the blood”. There arises the question if all thoughts are yours?

  1. Awakening of female sexuality.

Sexuality depends on sexual psychology. The woman is meant for the man and the man for the woman. The interaction between a man and a woman should occur by mutual agreement, with the proper behavior and the necessary reaction.

V.M. Bronnikov will remotely turn on and off your sexual functions and show the movement of streams of sexual energy in your body, for awakening the Body Architect essence, Naffs essence — the master of the body, and Po essence — freedom and sensitivity.

  1. Filling the essences of the body of female sexuality with the properties of Tantras.

Earth Tantra — gives strength, the ability not to get tired, improves the quality of the product

of menstruation, heals and strengthens fertility. Acts as hypnosis on the man.

«If the female dog doesn’t want to, the male dog won’t jump on her.»

Folk wisdom.

Heavenly Tantra — awakens and controls the cycle of menstruation. Attracts and captures the man. Attracts to the woman. Heavenly Tantra creates a volume of space, freedom, relieves constraints and tension. The ancient structures of the brain are being switched on, which fills the body with a high level of sensitivity and pleasure.

Middle Tantra — with the help of the Middle Tantra, the man subtly moves into the woman and the woman into the man. A woman who manifests herself through a man can transform him and create the situation they need around the man. Similarly, the man is able to influence the woman and create the ancient principle: “Husband and wife are one».

  1. Manifestation of tantric fogs through the woman — hypnotic influences on the man.

Every man longs to be captured by his beloved woman. Every woman longs to be captured by her beloved man.

Tantric principle: «The body of the woman belongs to the man, the body of the man belongs to the woman. » The man is responsible for the life and health of the woman, and the woman is responsible for the life and health of the man.

You will be shown the techniques of capturing, attracting, holding, protecting, which allows you not to depend on an occasion, but to create events yourselves.

It is based on the methods and techniques of the martial art of contactless interaction using the etheric, astral, mental, causal, and budhic bodies.

These techniques are health-improving, protective, and form the human’s ability to work with space.

  1. The existence of the woman in the man.

Using the techniques of meditation and post-meditation. You will be shown techniques of constructing internal engineering in the process of meditation while: dating, friendship, love, which will allow you to create a united system of the Head and Tail of the Dragon.


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